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Humanitarian Emergency Assistance

From natural events to disease outbreak throughout the year, CHI was there to provide communities and schools with the help and support they needed. As "Ebola" in history hit West Africa, and has caused significant loss of life in the West African nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. It has caused significant mortality, with reported case fatality rates of up to 70% and specifically 57–59% among hospitalized patients. The outbreaks of the Ebola virus expose the weak health system of Liberia which brought the incredible outpouring of support from development partners and civil society groups such as preventive measures and supplies to reduce its kind hands washing stand. The hand washing stand is in support of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education Safety Protocols for back to school students. The hand washing stand allows 8 students at a time to wash their hand before entering classes or after the use of the rest room. In order to manage and take responsibility of the hand washing stand, an intensive training n Infection Prevention and Control was conducted in target beneficiaries’ areas. The training in IPC brought together the establishment of committees namely: Safety Committee - this Committee was trained on the referral Pathway between the school and the health facilities, the basic hygiene methods which includes: cleaning of environment, respiratory safety and EVD management. They were also trained on how to properly wear and remove the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ensure that at all times there are water and soap available at the washing hands stations at the schools. They are to work directly with the PTAs and County Health Team when a student falls sick during school hours.

Fever Monitoring Team - was trained on how to take the body temperature and monitor the activities of students while in school. They are to ensure that at all times students, Parents, Teacher or any visitor entering the school campus should have a normal temperature.

PTAs committee - were trained as community mobilizer at the household level in their community. They are to continue creating awareness in their community about IPC and promoting personal and communal hygiene. They were also trained on the referral pathway, Basic hygiene methods and how to wear and remove PPEs.