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Human Rights/Child Protection

Engaging, educating Students (WASH in School Clubs)

Students are at their most vulnerable when the unexpected happens. With the compassion and expertise of Community Healthcare Initiative and support from ActionAid Liberia, CHI were able to establish health clubs in targeted schools in rural Liberia to educate students about their rights to health and education and the importance of preparedness, good hygiene practices and preventive measures and also provided them with innovative and engaging tools so they can be promoters of human rights and good Water Sanitation and hygiene practice in their schools, homes and communities.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

The purposes of the WASH in School Club establishment are as follow:

  • Expose students to their basic rights to health and education
  • To increase the effective participation of students, teachers and communities in WASH in School activities;
  • To encourage students and teachers to take responsibilities of WASH in School Club
  • To provide education and practical implementation of WASH in School and its daily activities;
  • To provide menstrual management to school- aged female students as a way to promote good personal hygiene;