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Healthcare Services

Considering the poor healthcare services in Liberia resulting in the increase in child morbidity and mortality, In 2014, a group of conscientious young women came together under the supervision and leadership of Mrs. Naomi T. Solanke to identify health needs for women and children and to recommend improved healthcare services for vulnerable women and children, reduce child mortality, to create awareness and sensitize people on the prevention of diseases in market places, hard to reach communities and amongst slum dwellers. Based on these backdrops, the establishment of Community Healthcare Initiative came into being. The first activity embarked on by CHI was a community outreach medical service in market places which includes: Red-light, Gobar-chop, Paynesville-LBS market and Joe Bar market, where mothers and children were given free medical attention and also some free gifts.

  • At red-light market, the team was able to conduct two (2) days visit based on the initial plan of CHI but due to the need, interest and willingness of the people wanting to get medical attention, CHI decided to extend their services for another two (2) days to have more people treated in the Gobar-chop market where other marketers were also opportune to be part of CHI’s healthcare services. Upon completion of our services, the team also decided to visit the Paynesville- LBS market, in which healthcare services were also rendered to community dwellers and market people that lasted for two days. Lastly, was the Joe Bar market were women, men, children, girls and boys were given treatment and dental care.